At today’s Acer event, the company showed off a smartphone with impressive, though confusing specs. The unnamed Acer Android handset will be running on a 4.8-inch 1024×480 screen. Acer is billing it as a tablet-phone hybrid of some sort. The strange thing here is that the resolution of 1024×480 is not any wider than a standard WVGA handset. But the 1024 pixel dimension is much taller. Acer has reported this as a 21:9 aspect ratio display. 

Other notable specs include Bluetooth 3.0, HSDPA data, a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, HDMI out, LED edge lighting for the screen, and WiFi N. The body is also expected to be fully metal. Sounds pretty good for the current market, but this beauty isn’t supposed to drop until April 2011. By then, it might not be winning the spec race. not to mention it could be pushed back. After all, this is just a render, and no actual product exists yet. Other than widescreen movies, can you think of a reason to have a display of this ratio?