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For the last few years, in dell'unit? processing, the trend is slowly moving from a single high CPU hertz of the unit? multiconduttori processing. Intel Xeon center and double? managed to paste these two integrated circuits to demonstrate what it called the center of the square, AMD still has only dual-CPU Opteron and center? likely release next year, the integrated circuit of the square-natal center. There are other more? Azul small players like that have much more support? centers in a CPU but the real players? only four of them, the two remaining that are IBM and Sun Microsystems. IBM worked with members to design the splinter cell ma? un'unit? processing for a particular purpose, not for general computing. Sun surprised last year with all its unit? Niagara processing of the eight-center also known as the UltraSparc T1. Not only had eight in a single integrated circuit, but the possibility to run 4 simultaneous threads of fasteners in each of them giving an impression all'OS working on a car of the 32 CPU. Sun is going to follow him with Niagara 2 avr? twice the number of threads in each center, cos? Virtual threads 64 centers in eight! While Niagara has un'unit? Virgule of mobile (FPU) shared by all 8 centers, so that slow down? the provision of mobile Virgule, Niagara 2 avr? an FPU for each center. It 'll also the work with a pi? high clock rate. What? sar? an assistant-at-a-chip exits when complete next year. Seems to be the unit? Processing pi? interesting. Pi? Niagara at about 1: Acehardware http://www.aceshardware.com/read_news.jsp?id=80000603about Niagara 2: Document official Sun: the unit? Processing Info atOffician of IBM http://www.opensparc.net/publications/presentations/niagara-2-a-highly-threaded-server-on-a-chip.htmlandNews.comhttp://news.com. com / Suns Niagara +2 + + doubles + down + with + the + + twice threads/210-41006_3-6108880.htmlCell links: http://www.research.ibm.com/cellarticle source: http:// osgeek.blogspot.com/2006/12/trends-in-cpu-design_11.html

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