Whatever Nvidia plans on announcing at the GeForce LAN/NVIDIA Gaming Festival in Shanghai tomorrow, it’s going to be hard-pressed to live up to the hype leading up to its unveiling. The PC gaming community has been a-flutter since the first ominous “IT’S COMING” message hit Nvidia’s Facebook page over a week ago. Nvidia’s just sent a kick-ass custom crowbar and some cryptic confirmations to the Maximum PC offices in anticipation of tomorrow’s big news.

Just what the heck is it supposed to signify? We have no friggin’ idea. The mixture of zombies, crowbars and Nvidia is definitely intriguing, though. Gordon managed to pry some additional information out of Nvidia representatives, and no, he didn’t need to ironically threaten them with their own crowbar to do it.

Here are some key characteristics of the Big Secret that Nvidia would own up to:

  • It is bigger than a bread box.
  • It is a mineral.
  • It is NOT a vegetable
  • Gordon assumes it’s not an animal, either, but all we know what they say about assuming things.

In any case, Nvidia plans on making the official announcement and sending us an update sometime between 7:30 and 8:30 P.M. PST tomorrow night. Stay tuned for details.

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