The industry-wide move to the 28nm manufacturing process has been slowed by the 28nm manufacturing struggles suffered by TSMC and other for-hire chip fabricators. Poor 28nm yields have adversely affected product availability for several of TSMC’s partners, to the point that Nvidia and Qualcomm were rumored to be threatening to take their business elsewhere. Those dark days may be (mostly) behind, however, as TSMC’s 28nm production skyrocketed in the second quarter.

Xbit Labs listened to TSMC’s conference call and dug through the company’s financial data, then reported that the fab’s 28nm output jumped by a whopping 70 percent last quarter. That’s admirable, but still not anywhere near as much 28nm production as TSMC’s customers are looking for. Fortunately, TSMC execs ensured investors that the company expects its 28nm shipments to double in the upcoming quarter en route to picking up steam and fully meeting OEM demand in the first quarter of 2013.

Image credit: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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