2Let it never be said that the Internet can’t be used for good as well as evil. After a huge online backlash, Verizon Wireless has backed away from plans to begin charging a $2 “convenience fee” to customers for paying their bills online, or by the phone. The change was supposed to go into effect on January 15th.

If Verizon thought they were going to sneak this one by the Internet, they were clearly mistaken. The outcry rang loudly from every blog in the world almost immediately when the change in terms was discovered. Verizon claims that the fee was going to support the aforementioned payment methods in the future. The only way to circumvent the charge would have been auto-billing, electronic check, paper check, or in-store payment.

As if the negative customer feedback wasn’t enough. the FCC started making noises about getting involved this morning, urged on by consumer complaints. Verizon folded faster than we expected. Do you think they’re going to try to make up the difference elsewhere? 

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