Having far outstripped its original Kickstarter funding goal of $995,000, Android-based video game console Ouya has already earned a place in the annals of crowdfunding history. But the real challenge for the Ouya team will begin when the $99 machine hits the market next year, for their ultimate goal is building a great console. While the possibility of Ouya foundering under the weight of all this hype can not be ruled out, prenatal celebrity has its fair share of advantages too.

It is due to this hype that the Ouya team has managed to attract game streaming service OnLive to their platform. OnLive announced the availability of its cloud gaming service on Ouya in a blog post Friday. According to the announcement, the service will be available on the hacker-friendly console at launch.

“OnLive will deliver a full console-class experience, bringing hundreds of top-tier games from more than 80 publishers to the OUYA console for play on demand,” wrote OnLive General Manager Bruce Grove.

“Instant demos will be available for nearly every game in our ever-growing library-from eagerly anticipated indie titles like Ravaged, to hot blockbusters like the upcoming Darksiders® II. Players can experience up to 30 minutes of each game for free before deciding what to buy. If they like it, they can continue playing where the demo left off.”

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