The modern Olympic Games are a tradition over a century old. During this period, this quadrennial event, arguably the greatest sporting spectacle on Earth, has encountered its fair share of hiccups and problems (as you’d expect). From terrorist attacks to political games to outright cancellations, the Olympics have seen it all. But the 30th edition of this sporting extravaganza, which is currently being held in London, is having to contend with a completely new kind of problem: Twitter-happy attendees.

Apparently, London’s wireless networks are under heavy pressure from all the tweets that are coming out of the Games. So much so, in fact, that Olympic organizers believe it was heavy Twitter and text traffic that prevented TV commentators from receiving crucial timing information during the men’s cycling race on Saturday. The problem occurred when GPS transmitters on the athletes’ bikes failed to transmit timing data in wake of network congestion. In a bid to remedy the situation, the organizers then asked spectators using Twitter on their phones to stop doing so.

“From my understanding, One network was oversubscribed, and OBS are trying to spread the load to other providers. We don’t want to stop people engaging in this by social media but perhaps they might consider only sending urgent updates,” Mark Adams, a spokesman for the International Olympic Committee, told The Guardian.

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