Gmail ComposeGoogle is inviting Gmail users to try out a new way to compose and reply to messages in Gmail. The redesigned compose window appears as a pop-up window inside the inbox rather than a dedicated, full-size window. It’s a subtle change, but is big on convenience in that you can compose new messages while still surfing your inbox folders. It’s essentially a larger size chat window.

Composing messages is faster this way, Google says. It’s also simple with a streamlined look, and gives Gmail users the flexibility to check emails as they’re typing. You can have multiple compose windows open at the same time, you can minimize them, and you can pop them out to a separate window if things get too cluttered.

If you want to try it out for yourself, just open up Gmail and click Compose, as you normally would. Google will then give you the option of using the new compose window or sticking with the old. To change back to the old compose window, click the “More menu” icon in the bottom corner of the compose window and select “Switch back to old compose.”

Gmail Compose Preview

Google plans to roll out the new compose window in a few months. Until then, some features are missing but will be available soon, such as the ability to insert emoticons and event invitations, print drafts from the More menu, add labels to outgoing messages from the More menu, send read receipts (Google Apps users only), and canned responses.

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