Have you ever looked down at your mouse and said to yourself, “You know, I wish this doubled as a touchpad”? If so, your days of peculiar self-musing are over, as Gigabyte recently launched an intriguing new device called the Aivia Xenon dual-mode touchpad mouse. (Try saying that three times fast!) It’s like the input equivalent of a mullet, except this bad boy’s all business in the front and the back.

A handy-dandy switch on the side lets you switch between the two modes. It looks a bit oddly shaped (and probably uncomfortable) for a mouse — in fact, the pictures make it look more like an itty bitty router than anything else — but the Aivia Xenon sports a 1000dpi resolution and supports several multi-touch gestures when it’s in touchpad mode. If you’re the presenting type of person, the mouse/touchpad/whatever can operate up to 30 feet away from its base computer and packs in “Aivia Painter software” that allows you to mark up any document you have open.

Check out more info over on the Aivia Xenon page at the Gigabyte website.

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