capitolWith each revision, the list of SOPA supporters seems to be shrinking. In the most recent silent update, gaming companies seem to be the ones pulling back. Sony, EA, and Nintendo are no longer listed as supporters of the bill, but were on the list in November. None of the companies has acknowledged the change in position. 

SOPA and its companion Senate bill Protect IP, would place much more power in the hands of copyright holders. The broad wording of the bill could label many sites with user-generated content as “rogue sites,” and expose them to domain blocking by US ISPs. Experts on internet infrastructure are concerned that modifying the DNS system in this way could damage internet reliability and security.

All three gaming companies have an interest in limiting piracy of their games, but with SOPA becoming toxic withing their target demographic, it’s no surprise we are seeing pull-back. Sony, EA, and Nintendo have joined GoDaddy in no-longer supporting SOPA, but we should note that none of these companies have actually come out against the bill. 

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