If you’re building a silent PC, nothing beats a passively cooled GPU. Ditching all those spinning fans works wonders for noise levels! Unfortunately, most passively cooled video cards tend to be less-powerful models; with great power comes greater thermals, after all. Colorful, a Chinese graphics card maker, is bucking that trend and working hard to bring a fanless GTX 680 to the market.

The iGame GTX 680 trades in the traditional fan for two massive aluminum heatsinks, each of which sports seven 6mm copper heatpipes and 140 cooling fins. Six 8mm copper heatpipes handle the heat exchange between the two heatsinks, bringing the grand total up to two heatsinks, 20 heatpipes and 280 cooling fins with over 200 square meters of combined cooling area.

Yep, it’s big.

We don’t know quite how big, though: Colorful hasn’t come clean with any final specs or measurements for the passively cooled iGame GTX 680, nor pricing or release information. The prospect of a dead-silent GTX 680 is mighty intriguing, though, and we hope to hear more in the near future.

Check out all a bunch more pics in the gallery below, all of which come courtesy of EXPreview.

Via Geek.com and EXPreview

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