A new Catalyst software suite, version 12.6, is available from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) for Radeon and FireStream graphics card owners. The new driver packages, which play nice with Windows XP on up to Windows 7, offer up additional Dual Graphics Technology profiles for a handful of DirectX 9 games, and also stomp out a series of bugs that are mostly applicable to Windows 7.

Otherwise, there isn’t a ton going on with the new drivers, which is somewhat disappointing now that AMD has moved away from a monthly Catalyst release schedule. At the same time, those seeking performance boosts are free to give AMD’s Catalyst 12.7 beta drive suite a spin.

The 12.7 beta release improves performance by up to 25 percent in Skyrim, up to 20 percent in Total War: Shogun 2, and up to 12 percent in Wolfenstein MP, as well as improvrd performance by single-digit percentages in more than half a dozen other titles.

AMD Catalyst 12.6 Release Notes
AMD Catalyst 12.7 Beta Release Notes

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