Microsoft’s been promising to launch the Windows 8 Release Preview during the first week of June for a while now, but an accidentally published (and quickly retracted) Microsoft blog post says that the latest build of the company’s new operating should actually hit the Internet today. Hey, tomorrow’s June 1st — that makes this the first week of the month, right?

The article, penned by Chuck Chan (aka Vice President on the Windows Development team) was only live on the Windows Hardware and Driver Developer Blog for a few minutes yesterday, but several people saw it in that time frame — and Neowin was conscious enough to snap a quick screenshot of the slip-up. The article, post-dated for today, says that Microsoft is “very excited to make available today the Windows 8 Release Preview on the Windows Dev Center.”

Check out the full text in the Neowin-provided screenshot below, and be on the lookout for that Release Preview; Neowin’s sources say that it should indeed go live later this afternoon.

UPDATE: ….aaaaaand here it is! We’d love to hear your thoughts about the Release Preview, so feel free to share ’em below.

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