If you’re a user of iOS devices like the iPhone or iPad, you might want to snap up VLC for your chosen device before it’s gone forever. Rémi Denis-Courmont, one of the principal developers of VLC, explained that VideoLAN (the foundation that supports VLC) is not pleased with how the app is distributed. They have filed a notice of copyright infringement with Apple that may force the removal of the app.

As it turns out, VLC for iOS is developed by a 3rd party developer called Applidium. Apple’s iTunes terms allow VLC to only be installed on 5 devices. This is a form of DRM, and as you may know, VLC is open source and distributed under the GPL. That means Apple’s DRM scheme is unacceptable to the VideoLAN foundation. 

Apple has, in the past, simply removed apps that fall into a similar category. It’s spectacularly unlikely that they’d modify their terms for this one app, even if it is so high profile. Denis-Courmont contends that open source software would not be where it is today if not for licenses like GPL, and perhaps users should be looking for apps on more open platforms.