If a business wants to block Facebook, it’s common for them to work with IT to design an elaborate, and ultimately flawed, scheme to do so. But according to Microsoft’s Stuart Strathdee, many businesses are just continuing to run the now ancient Internet Explorer 6. As it turns out, most of the slick new social networking sites don’t render properly in IE6; they sometimes don’t work at all.

This way a company doesn’t have to actively talk to employees about acceptable usage, or develop security tactics. "For a lot of our customers that’s just a comfortable consequence of staying on IE6," said Strathdee. This looks like a bit of speed bump in Microsoft’s efforts to get everyone on IE8. Strathdee points to the much improved security features of newer version of the web browser as reason enough for companies to switch.

Does your place of business still use IE6? If so, do you think they’re doing it out of laziness, or is there a more devious purpose?

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