We’re not sure if the same holds true in the U.S. market, but in Taiwan, Asus-branded LCD monitors are flying off the shelves, and at a rate faster than all the competition, DigiTimes’ "industry sources" say.

More specifically, Asus nabbed 20 percent of the LCD monitor market in Taiwan in 2009. It was a tie for second place between Chimei and Acer, each of which nipped at Asus’ heels with 18-19 percent of the market. Viewsonic came in third with 14-15 percent, and BenQ controlled 10 percent of the LCD monitor market.

Despite falling prices for larger screen monitors, 19-inch widescreen models continued to be the most popular in Asus’ lineup. It probably helped that Asus slashed prices on 19-inch models before everyone else, marking them down to about $125.

Image Credit: Asus