Security firm Sophos is warning Facebook users about yet another app that supposedly lets you see who’s been viewing your profile. Like many before it, this one is a scam.

“As we’ve described a couple of times before, plenty of Facebook users would *love* to know who has been checking them out online, but unfortunately scammers are aware of this, and use the lure of such functionality as a way to trick you into making bad decisions,” Sophos said.

If you see someone posting a testimonial about one of these apps along with a link, run in the other direction. Not only do they fail to work, but by clicking the “Allow” button you’re giving the app permission to pull your personal data and post to your wall, which is how they spread in the first place.

“Ever wondered how many people fall for a scam like this? Well, the figures can be shocking,” Sophos says. “This current campaign is using a variety of different links — but via we can see that at least one of them has already tricked nearly 60,000 people into clicking.”

Image Credit: Sophos