You already know Intel’s upcoming Sandy Bridge processors will come with integrated graphics, but there’s more to this architecture than just a fused GPU. According to CNet, Intel VP and Director of PC Client Operations Stephen L. Smith confirmed the existence of special media accelerators.

“The other cool thing is dedicated circuitry for media acceleration,” Smith said in response to a question at a Wells Fargo Securities conference earlier this month. “All of us in our daily use, whether it’s home videos or photos tend to pull things from the Internet, pull things from our own capture devices at home, bring them on to our PC, transform them into different formats…all of that will be dramatically faster if one utilizes this hardware acceleration, media acceleration that we have on Sandy Bridge.”

In addition, Smith said Sandy Bridge should allow for slimmer form factors “and potentially longer battery life” on the notebook front.

Looking beyond Sandy Bridge, Smith reiterated that Intel is on track to deliver its 22nm Ivy Bridge architecture by the end of 2011. According to Smith, Ivy Bridge will be a shrink of Sandy Bridge “with some enhancements.”

Image Credit: Intel