This LCD impresses across the board

One of HP’s most recent display offerings, the 2310e, takes a number of current trends—super-slim size, LED backlighting, environmentally conscious materials—and wraps them up into one impressive package.

Physically, the 2310e is sleek, sophisticated, and incredibly shiny. Between the piano-black finish on the frame and the glossy TN active-matrix panel, this 23-inch, 1080p display can pick up a ton of smudges and fingerprints, so get those soft cloths ready. The rear of the display has standard DVI and HDMI inputs as well as a bonus input—DisplayPort. Ironically enough, the 2310e lacks a VESA mount on the rear, instead opting for a CD-size HP logo that lights up enough to illuminate your surroundings in low light. If this annoys you, you can turn it off.

Thin is in: The 2310e is nearly notebook-monitor slim.

The bottom of the frame holds five capacitive touch buttons that light up when pressed; the onscreen display menus are nicely organized and easy to navigate. The 2310e maintains the trend of increasingly slim displays—it’s only about one inch thick— but gives up some features in exchange: mainly built-in speakers, which isn’t that big a loss in our book, as they’re usually not that great.

The 2310e features HP’s BrightView technology, which is supposed to increase sharpness, reduce glare, and offer a 70 percent color gamut. LED backlighting seems to have come of age with the 2310e as well, and makes it a more environmentally conscious product since mercury is eliminated; the display uses BFR/PVC-free plastics, arsenic-free display glass, and recyclable plastics on the rear cover, base, and packaging.

That’s all well and good, but how does it perform? Beautifully, for a TN panel. Although TN panels are generally considered inferior technology to IPS, the 2301e excelled in our video tests. While watching V for Vendetta, it reproduced exceptional levels of details (we could literally see specs of dust floating in the air in some scenes) and incredible black-level detail even in dark or shadowed scenes. Likewise, while playing the game Arkham Asylum, we were impressed by the crisp, clean feel of the game. It did suffer some white-level saturation in our DisplayMate tests, but excelled in the color-tracking, gray-scale, color-purity, and multiple intensity tests. Overall, an admirable display if you can handle a reflective screen and don’t require speakers.

Amber Bouman


Impressive and crisp detail; good performance in black levels; pristine colors.

Chris Angel

No speakers; picks up fingerprints and smudges very easily.