Samsung Galaxy S4 is out in the wild to get your money or your monthly plan. It . It comes with impressive hardware, which is a step up from the previous generation, the Galaxy S3. But what makes the Galaxy S4 really special are its applications and features – the software side. So, we’re telling you beforehand to check them out, if you’re looking to make a choice between the Galaxy S4 and other devices, such as the HTC One or the iPhone 5. We’re going to compare only “paper specs”, so in order for the competition to be fair, you have to consider the special features of the Galaxy S4.

Likewise, you have to consider what’s also special about the HTC One and the iPhone 5. You will see, for example, on our comparison table that the HTC One has a stereo loudspeaker, but unless you know more details about it (which you can discover from our hands-on video), you won’t really understand what makes it so special. Use this comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and the iPhone 5 as a tool which will help you make the right choice, and research even more. But, in the end, it’s all about the taste.

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