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For Online Backup Solutions and Virtual File Management via FTP, webapp or fat client, we reviewed various products and found the overall winner in all these categories was a company called Virtual Drive LLC.  They provide excellent services for the value to SMB (Small to Medium Businesses).

Some of the things we liked about Virtual Drive Backup Manager:

Easy to install, had no Ad ware, was actually FREE (limited to 1GB of storage) and worked well in the environment that we installed it in.

Some of the things we lined about Virtual Drive File Manager:

The file manager was great!  It allows for synchronization between folders or files (either public or private as well).  You can synchronize at various times with either one-way, bi-directional and at scheduled times or in real time.

Remote File Server

Easy and quick Web-based remote file server, sharing, group administration and group collaboration tools. No software installation required, works everywhere, any time!  We found that it does work and it works very well.

FTP Services

A feature-complete FTP Server. You can use any FTP client on any OS platform (incl. Mac and Linux) to access A branded FTP domain is also supported which support organizations who want the perception that they are hosting their own secure FTP servers.

Online Backup Services

Offsite backup files, emails & database. Easy, secure & automatic. Backup multiple PCs, laptops & servers. No need to buy backup devices!

Email Backup Services

Low-cost Email Server Hosting; Group Account; Private Domain; Outlook Access. Outlook Email & Contact Backup; Drag & Drop Emails / Contacts. Share Group Contacts.

Additional Services provided by Virtual Drive:

We encourage you to try out Virtual Drive for your your cloud storage needs.

Network congestion has compelled organizations to deploy traffic shaping and Quality of Service (QoS) appliances just before the WAN router to control outbound traffic. But in today’s complex environments, organizations are rethinking how to manage the onslaught of data flowing across the network, and the focus of congestion control has increasingly shifted to traffic flowing inbound from the many data sources.

It wasn’t so long ago that we were in awe of telepresence — its ability to bend space and time to put people who are thousands of miles apart face-to-face instantaneously. Now that we’ve experienced the power of telepresence, we want more. We want telepresence all the time. We want it to be available and effortless to use like a mobile phone. In effect, we want telepresence to be taken to the next dimension, one that allows for high-intensity collaboration.

It’s almost time for us to unveil our predictions for 2013 but before we look forward, today we’ll look back to see how we did when we made predictions for 2012 — projecting trends for telepresence, wireless substitution, cloud-based unified communications, BYOD and net neutrality.

Catching up with many of the other unified communications vendors, Avaya today announced that its Aura platform now can be virtualized.

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