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While AMD’s Bobcat-based Fusion APUs have been pretty successful in the ultra-portable notebook market, the chipmaker’s lone tablet-optimized Z01 “Desna” APU has found few takers. But even that wasn’t enough to stop Taiwan-based company BungBungame from building a business tablet around the Z01, which combines two 1GHz Bobcat cores and a Radeon HD 6250 graphics core on the same die. Hit the jump for more.

Called the Photon 100, the tablet sports a 10.1-inch multi-touch display and runs Windows 7 Home Premium. The Desna-based slate packs 4GB RAM and a 64GB SSD. The device is a little on the heavier side with a weight of around 1.9 pounds. Scheduled to go on sale in its home market in February, the Photon 100 will have a price tag of around US$662 (NT$20,000) there.

The company will be bringing the slate to the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show with an eye on the international market, according to Digitimes.

Image Credit: Miranda Chuang, Digitimes

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capitolWith each revision, the list of SOPA supporters seems to be shrinking. In the most recent silent update, gaming companies seem to be the ones pulling back. Sony, EA, and Nintendo are no longer listed as supporters of the bill, but were on the list in November. None of the companies has acknowledged the change in position. 

SOPA and its companion Senate bill Protect IP, would place much more power in the hands of copyright holders. The broad wording of the bill could label many sites with user-generated content as “rogue sites,” and expose them to domain blocking by US ISPs. Experts on internet infrastructure are concerned that modifying the DNS system in this way could damage internet reliability and security.

All three gaming companies have an interest in limiting piracy of their games, but with SOPA becoming toxic withing their target demographic, it’s no surprise we are seeing pull-back. Sony, EA, and Nintendo have joined GoDaddy in no-longer supporting SOPA, but we should note that none of these companies have actually come out against the bill. 

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avengerThe saga of PR failure from Paul Christoforo, the now former PR man for N-Control, is not over. After his verbal abuse of a customer led to some good old fashioned Internet justice, N-Control’s new PR guy has let slip some details of how Christoforo is conducting himself and attempting to extort money from N-Control.

According to new PR rep Moisés Chiullan, Christoforo has been claiming via email that his tantrum was the best thing that ever happened to the delayed Avenger Controller. He says the attention will make the company a success, and he wants compensation. Chiullan claims that Christoforo has been holding various email and social media accounts for N-Control hostage in an effort to get a favorable contract drawn up.

Christoforo reportedly wants an upfront bonus, and ongoing compensation for the foreseeable future. N-Control is not backing down, and is evaluating its options for dealing with Christoforo. The new representative has clarified that the Avenger Controller website is not under Christoforo’s control, so mail sent there should be answered properly.

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2Let it never be said that the Internet can’t be used for good as well as evil. After a huge online backlash, Verizon Wireless has backed away from plans to begin charging a $2 “convenience fee” to customers for paying their bills online, or by the phone. The change was supposed to go into effect on January 15th.

If Verizon thought they were going to sneak this one by the Internet, they were clearly mistaken. The outcry rang loudly from every blog in the world almost immediately when the change in terms was discovered. Verizon claims that the fee was going to support the aforementioned payment methods in the future. The only way to circumvent the charge would have been auto-billing, electronic check, paper check, or in-store payment.

As if the negative customer feedback wasn’t enough. the FCC started making noises about getting involved this morning, urged on by consumer complaints. Verizon folded faster than we expected. Do you think they’re going to try to make up the difference elsewhere? 

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Did you read our write-up of the spiffy new AMD Radeon 7970 earlier this week and find yourself getting all hot and bothered at the thought of kick-ass custom rigs built around the beast? Well, one company can help you cool down. The new graphics cards aren’t even available in stores yet but that hasn’t stopped the Germany-based Aqua Computer from putting the AquagrATIx 7900 up for preorder. What’s that, you might ask? Only the first 7970 water block available on the market.

Aqua Computter claims the water block should fit Radeon 7950 cards when they’re released, too. There’s not really all that much to say about the water block other than that. It’s made out of what looks to be a single piece of copper with a stainless steel cover. It uses standard G 1/4” threads, though the fittings don’t come included. Early adopters can preorder one now for roughly $116.

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