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According to research firm IDC, PC microprocessor shipments were up 39% in the first quarter, when compared to last year. The quarter by quarter numbers were better than expected as well. There is usually a decline from the holiday season into the first quarter, but it was more modest than most years. This could be yet another sign of a recovering tech sector.

This jives nicely with Intel’s recently reported profits. The chip maker managed to pull in $2.4 billion in Q1. That’s a 288% improvement over last year. Additionally, Intel inched up another 0.5% in market share to 81%. AMD on the other hand lost market share in all form factors.

IDC is predicting continued growth in the CPU market as the year goes on. They base this on expected IT spending, which makes up a sizable proportion of computer sales. Have you noticed new hardware rolling out in your place of business?


Recession? What recession? There’s no such thing in the cell phone industry, at least not anymore, says iSuppli. The market research firm proclaimed the end of the cell phone recession after the industry closed out 2009 with a bang.

Cell phones ended 2009 with shipments of 1.15 billion units. That’s slightly down from the 1.2 billion units shipped in 2008, but it’s the fourth quarter performance that has iSuppli gushing over the cell phone market. Mobile handset shipments reached 335 million in the final quarter of 2009, up 15.5 percent from the 290 million shipped in the previous quarter.

"Given the recovery of the market in the final quarter of 2009, and with Europe, Latin America and the Middle East/Africa regions doing exceptionally well during the period, the recession can be said to be officially over for the cell phone industry," said Tina Teng, senior analyst for wireless systems at iSuppli. "The continued growth this year of total handsets – up a projected 11.3 percent to 1.3 billion units – further bolsters such a view."

The future looks equally bright, says iSuppli, which projects that smartphones will see growth of 35.5 percent in 2010. This will be helped by the introduction of entry-level handsets and 3G network expansion expected to take place this year.

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Things are looking a little brighter for Asus, and according to company president Joe Hsieh, motherboard shipment growth for the second quarter is no longer expected to decline quite as sharply as previously thought. Asus had originally predicted a 10-15 percent sequential drop in motherboard shipments, but has now adjusted its outlook to a 5-8 percent decline.

The reason for the revised outlook is strong demand in China. Asus claims a 30 percent share in China’s motherboard business, and according to Hsieh, continued strong demand will help the company ship more boards in the coming months.

On the consumer side, don’t be surprised if motherboard prices start to rise. Raw material prices are getting more expensive, prompting Hsieh and Co. to evaluate charging more for motherboards, while other mobo makers are in the same situation.

Thanks to x86 server virtualization and its follow-on technologies, the state-of-the-art enterprise data center looks vastly different than it did even a year ago.

Recent convergence news includes new OpenScape features from Siemens Enterprise Communications Group; an expanded fixed-mobile convergence offer from Sprint; Cisco’s plans for an iPhone application; and a market update on Comcast’ progress with VoIP.

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