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Formerly called GrandCentral and acquired by Google back in July of 2007, Google Voice aims to streamline mobile communication by giving users a single phone number capable of accessing all other phone numbers, including home, cell, work, etc. Initial impressions by those who have previewed the free service have been positive, but a potential major downside is having to give out a new number to everyone. That might not be the case when Google Voice launches.

Google has started experimenting with letting new users port their existing numbers to Google Voice, including mobile numbers. And according to TechCrunch, this will be a mainstay of the new service later this year.

"Google is only testing the service for now, but we’ve heard from a source inside Google that they plan to roll out number portability as a general feature later this year," TechCrunch wrote. "Once that happens, users will be able to move the phone number they’ve had forever to Google, and avoid the switching costs."

The site went on to say that Google will also launch apps for outbound calls for major smartphone platforms that will automatically route outbound calls through Google Voice rather than show the number of whatever device a user is calling with.


Image Credit: Google

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Cisco this week extended its Unified Computing System data center convergence platform with rack mountable servers, saying the new form factor represents an “entry level” into UCS and more choice for customers.